On April 26, Modise Khoza and other three customers from South African visited Sangle Group and discussed cooperation. Over the years, South African customers have been working closely with Sangle, making outstanding contributions to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction in South Africa. The company's leaders and relevant personnel gave a warm reception

At present, the Republic of South Africa pays more attention to people's livelihood, and the demand for solar water heaters is increasing with their days, which further strengthens the confidence of South African customers in the cause of solar energy. The factory director Mr. Zhao Zhongqiang made a detailed introduction about production, R&D, quality inspection, development and production scale of new products for customers, which made them full of praise.

After the visit, South African customers came to the Hebei order meeting site again. The deputy general manager of the group Mr. Feng Lei introduced the company's recent development and future strategic concept to South African customers, and led them to visit the Sangle exhibition hall of Hebei conference. There are a variety of products such as solar thermal, photovoltaic and diversified kitchen appliances. Sangle products attracted foreign customers to take photos frequentlyand said that they would continue to strengthen cooperation with Sangle.

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